European Comission opens disciplinary process against Belgium on Online Gambling Legislation

26 November 2012

It seems that the European Commission has decided to open disciplinary procedure against Belgium for a series of offenses in regard to their legislation on online gambling. Apparently, it does not meet "the principles included in the Court Interpretation of the European Union Treaty".

In Belgium, as seems to happen in the U.S., online operators have a need to reach agreements with casinos to offer their services under the same license. For this reason, the Belgian legislation must review its "black list" to identify banned domains in order to accept new players Belgian or otherwise, block websites illegal suppliers.

The European Commission has requested Belgium explanations on this matter, for what they have time to answer until the end of this year: "If Belgium does not comply with European Union legislation in this field, the Commission reserves the right to open a formal infringement procedure ".

The controversy and tensions are served. Despite these claims, the Belgian Gaming Commission recently stated:

"In the absence of a European regulation, the Belgian model is a good system that allows operators to organize their activities in a profitable manner, but must enforce restrictions that protect citizens and society. We believe that the Commission should support democratic decisions of the Member States rather than just listen operators who want to impose their own interests before the public interest. "

Among other things, the Belgian Gaming Commission refers to the situation of operating without a license. A few days ago, the CEO of, Norbert Teufelberger, was arrested in Belgium and called to testify, to be released a day later, though, between very tense atmospheres.

By joining operators, requested his release and asked the European Commission to mediate to normalize the situation in Belgium.

We'll see how the conflict of interest between regulators and operators evolves and keep you posted.


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