Elky Vs Katchalov - Who will win?

18 September 2012

 The world of prop bets among poker players always brings fun news to our pages. The usual rule is that if a player bets with another, and the one that loses, has to do something that normally gets him to publicly humiliate himself and that everyone knows he has lost, like what happened to Vanessa Rousso in the WSOP ®, when she had to disguise herself as a cockroach.

The cockroach, the cockroach....

Well, now "Elky" and Eugene Katchalov and sought ways to challenge each other, getting out of the standards (if there have been any at any point). The two players, besides sharing the same poker team status, share a good friendship, and have signed a series of bets, specifically three, related to WCOOP events that are being held at PokerStars.
Was Eugene Katchalov himself, through his blog, who drew the attention of all our readers what was brewing between him and the French player.

Here are their challenges:

Best player of the "Tournament Leader Board" (TLB):
This is the main bet, and the one that has the most fun and original punishment in our opinion. The player that ends worse than the other will have to learn the language of the opponent, that is, if "Elky" lose, will have to learn Ukrainian, and if Katchalov loses, will have to learn French. The moment of truth will come in the conclusion of the PCA in the Bahamas, where the loser of this prop bet will prove to have been a good student by performing his interview in the learned language. If the interview is not successful, there will be a new penalty: He will have 3 moths to prepare himself fiscally and run a full marathon. It must be said that at present, Katchalov takes the lead, as he occupies the 11th post in the ranking. Is Elky perfecting his “Ukrainian” accent?

Biggest winner of the series:
This one is clear. The player who earns the most along the WCOOP, either doing one ITM as 20, will win this bet. The loser, again will have to prepare thoroughly, as he will have to go from Cannes (where will be held the next stage of the WSOPE ®) to San Remo, destination of the next stop of the EPT, by bicycle. Both cities are separated by 130 km, it does not seem easy to do.

More ITM:
In this case, what matters really is how many times you enter the money. The loser of this bet must complete 1,000 push-ups in a 12 hour period. As Katchalov himself mentioned in his blog, "even though the challenges are hard complete, the fact is that they all have a very positive impact on us, which will be fun."

So we will be especially attentive to the actions of these two players, and above all, just how the results of these bets, it would be very fun to listen to Elky speak Ukrainian, or admire Katchalov dressed in a yellow jersey and bicycle on his way to San Remo.


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