Marvin Rettenmaier wins WPT Cyprus

10 August 2012

Marvin Rettenmaier won the WPT Cyprus Main Event, "Mad" Marvin made history by becoming the first player to get two consecutive titles at the World Poker Tour. The first in May this year, just few days after becoming a member of Team PartyPoker pros. Rettenmaier won the $ 25,000 Main Event WPT World Championship at the Bellagio in Las Vegas (the final of the 10th WPT Season). The German won with a field of 151 players, and took home $ 1,196,858.

6 players presented themselves yesterday on the premises of Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino in Kyrenia to play the final table of that Main Event: Ran Azor (2,405,000 chips), Artur Voskanyan (2.003.000), Marvin Rettenmaier (2.002.000 ), Kiryl Radzivonau (1.865.000), Victor Paraschiv (1.115.000) and Joseph El Khoury (435.000). Rettenmaier started the final table with 3rd bigest stack, but using his unique style has eliminated his five rivals, one by one.

The first to fall under its claws was Kiryl Radzivonau who pushed his short stack all in with djst and Rettenmaier called with cqdq. After three hours of small-ball poker, the German eliminated Joseph El Khoury by paying an all-in with a dominant ace(hacq Vs cas2).

From this point, the Germanic began to pressure his opponents with his big stack, letting them know that each hand that was played meant the tournament. The next one to fall was Victor Paraschiv 3 Bet with ckc5 after pre-flop raise before with nothing less than skdk . And with only three players remaining "alive", Marvin eliminated Ran Azor by winning a coin flip with sqc9 vs. c7d7.

Rettenmaier reached the heads-up with a lead of 4to1 stack compared to Artur Voskanyan. The match lasted just two hands. In the second, the German got all the chips in with djd9 and the Russian called with caht. The community cards were: c9s8h4, hq and d7. "Mad Marvin" pair of nines gave him the victory and a prize of $287,784.

This was the final distribution of awards from the WPT of Cyprus:

Pos. Player Prize ($)
1 Marvin Rettenmaier 287.784
2 Artur Voskanyan 184.020
3 Ran Azor 118.360
4 Victor Paraschiv 87.610
5 Joseph El Khoury 65.770
6 Kiryl Radzivonau 52.590
7 Erik Cajelais 43.690
8 Walid Bou Habib 35.020
9 Gilboa Yossi 26.240
10 Kemal Sevevi 19.110
11 Sam El Sayed 19.110
12 Eddy Maksoud 19.110
13 Hüsnü Sincar 15.670
14 Aram Vartevaniyn 15.670
15 Robert Mizrachi 15.670
16 Andrey Shatilov 13.420
17 Tolga Demirel 13.420
18 Julien Ehrhardt 13.420
19 Senol Sener 11.750
20 Alexey Makarov 11.750
21 Per Ummer 11.750
22 Chino Rheem 10.450
23 Oleksandr Kozyr 10.450
24 Vyacheslav Stoyanov 10.450
25 Boris Fragin 9.260
26 Oleg Shepelenko 9.260
27 Ergenyi Taranuk 9.260
28 Sergey Vasilev 8.070
29 Stuart Fox 8.070
30 Dominik Nitsche 8.070
31 Aubin Cazals 8.070
32 Sebastian Leclercq 8.070
33 Manig Loeser 8.070
34 Andras Nemeth 8.070
35 Alexey Popov 8.070
36 George Chehadeh 8.070

World Poker Tour doesn't rest, just today started the secont stage of season 11, the WPT Parx Open Poker Classic in Pennsylvania.
Stay tunned, we will keep you updated.

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