Poker echoes in university courses

26 September 2012

Matthew Jackson and Yoahav Shoham, American college professors from Stanford, have developed a free online course on game theory to Coursera, a company that offers zero cost courses tought by the best professors in the world.

According to this specific program, students will learn the basics of game theory through the study of many games. And among them we find poker or chess.

The best-known application of game theory to poker is the table of push /fold based on the Nash equilibrium, which optimizes the heads-up game with stacks of up to 20 blind, provided the only movement is the rivals all-in.

The application of the studies of Professor Nash, immortalized by Russell Crowe in the movie in the movie "A Beautiful Mind”.

Imperfect information games, such as Texas Hold'em, have always attracted interest of theoretical economists and engineers, these is the specialization of teachers Jackson and Shoham.

The famous MIT, Massachusets Institute of Technology, already included Poker among its free choice intersemester courses. A course taught by Will Ma, winner of the Grand Prix de Paris, 2007. The course was approved by the university faculty of MIT, who recognized three credits to participants.

The Limit Hold'em has been the reference for bot programming contests and other games that share the characteristics of incomplete poker like blackjack, have been exploited by experts, such as the famous star team of MIT movie "21".

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