Pokerwala met up with rising poker star Sandeep Jadhwani

16 June 2015

Pokerwala met up with Indian poker's rising star Sandeep Jadhwani who won a knockout amount of INR 4,20,000 at the Indian Poker Championship finale 30K knockout in Goa. Sandeep Jadhwani has been working in the family construction business and has been playing poker recreationally with his friends for about 4-5 years. 

Hi Sandeep, I understand, poker was just a hobby for you, how do you feel about your win?
Yes, poker was a game I enjoyed very much, and played mostly with friends. The participation in the tournament and wining was quite a thrilling surprise for me. In fact, I was booked to fly out on Sunday morning. So I postponed by travel dates, it was a fantastic expereince.

What would you say is your favourite move?
Well, I am pretty much a player who keeps a low profile, as in I play slow. If I have a hand of aces then it is not necessary that I raise it or go all in. I am a businessman so, I like strategy and keeping up with the pace, while staying in my comfort zone.

Do you play poker online?
Yes I do, now and then. I think online poker has started catching up recently. Otherwise, I mostly play more often with my friends in Mumbai.

What do you think of online poker?
I think it’s brilliant. Poker is a game which is growing in popularity and also in its fan following. A lot of youngsters I meet play poker, and many people play online. I think it’s an excellent platform and a great way for more people to get more time to enjoy the game and hone their skills.

What are your thoughts about poker in India?
Poker is growing immensely in popularity. I think the challenge and the strategy involved and the exhilaration of the win adds to its appeal making it quite a big hit, both online and offline. Mostly, the access to the game, when it is online as opposed to offline, is making it a big hit. A youngster today doesn't need to fly to Goa to play. He can do so from the comfort of his room or simply on his phone. 

How would you say poker in India fares compared to International poker events?
Poker is definitely gaining a lot of attention and the hype is increasing. It hasn't reached the level of the west but I believe it will be there in no time. The interest and passion in the game is on the rise.

What tips do you have for aspiring poker players in India?
I think people should keep enjoying the game. I think a lot of people think poker is gambling, which sort of gives it a negative image. I think that negative image is largely out of ignorance. Poker involves matching your wits, planning and there is immense strategy involved.

What would you say was the worst day you had at a poker event?
Well, I would say both my best and worst moments are the same. The thrill of winning was fantastic, but being knocked out was just as disappointing. I have had worse plays, but this I would say is my worst.

Do you have a favourite place or tournament you like playing at?
Well, that would have to be Deltin Royale, Goa. It is impeccable, a highly professional environment. In India, that’s one of the best places to play at and one of the best experiences I have had.


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