Big names, big losses...

05 September 2012

 Some of the great players of the global elite continue their freefall in the high stakes poker tables online. Names like Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, Ilari Sahamies, Phil Ivey and Jason Mercier (which is not usually included in this news section) have recorded negative balances in the last week.

Nevertheless, wasn’t them who have occupied the top of the table of biggest losers. The anonymous "patpatman" (due to his residence in Macao, it is speculated that could be Tom Dwan or a Chinese businessman that plays high limit games), has been the biggest donor last week. His downswing was $521,235, making him accumulate a total of $835,139 in losses this year, ranking him in the 4th position of the biggest losers leaderboard, after Guy Laliberté, "Isildur1" and Benny Spindler.
Although the second largest donor of the week has been the Dane Daniel "MrSmits" Berteisen with negative $234,256, but the player that draws more attention occupies the third place in the podium of honor. It’s Jason Mercier, who we are not used to include in this news section, due to his little activity online. Before leaving for Cannes, where he is participating in the Partouche Poker Tour, he had some free time to make a small stop and play a few cash tables, long enough to lose $ 174,838.

Sahamies also has lost part of what he won in Barcelona during these past days. The mess is already around $165,055, a similar amount to what the golden Swedish Viktor “isildur1” Blom lost. The online star is not dealing well with the resignation from team PokerStars pro, these last days he lost $152,835, accumulating so far this year nothing less than $2,004,996 of losses. Each time gets closer to the biggest donor in the network: Guy Laliberté with $ 2,844,000.

Here's the summary of the 10 biggest losers of the week at PokerStars:


POS. Player Sessions Hands Balance
1 patpatman 53 2332 $521.235
2 MrSmits 95 5902 $234.256
3 JasonMercier 15 899 $174.838
4 Ilari FIN 56 3553 $165.055
5 römpsä 140 9497 $159.951
6 Isildur1 157 9218 $152.853
7 Chung ho 9 551 $140.521
8 takechip 64 12229 $126.357
9 Axelf82 15 492 $107.516
10 Elina2008 7 490 $96.688

Apart from the great "sprinklers", naturally, there were also a few who took benefits of high limit tables. Among them, stressed the Norwegian Terje "Terken89" Agudal and American Ben "Ben86" Tollerene, both with dividends in excess of $400,000.

These are the top 10 winners of the last days:


Pos. Player Sessions Hands Balance
1 Terken89 107 5373 $474.481
2 Ben86 78 4805 $437.517
3 ChaoRen160 56 2948 $286.615
4 madmags4 26 2551 $187.817
5 bernard-bb 75 4504 $179.866
6 26071985 48 1907 $176.393
7 Skjervøy 293 24498 $176.381
8 Odd_Oddsen 145 8181 $161.627
9 Seb86 13 664 $156.585
10 YoungGuyy 8 486 $140.813

To finish, note that the overall profit in 2012, is tighter than ever. After some ups and downs, and a couple of sprints, the top 5 winners continue their struggle to be the ones who occupy the throne of Online Poker High Stakes winners at the end of 2012:


Pos. Player Balance
1 Andrew “EireAbu” Grimason $ 2.676.033
2 Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky $ 2.637.929
3 Phil Galfond “MrSweets28” $ 1.926.204
4 “bernard-bb” $ 1.743.714
5 Jens Kyllönen $ 1.591.123


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