Capacity to Adapt to Changes


If David Apostolico, in “Poker Tournaments and The Art of War”, tries to explain how military theory of Sun-Tzu can improve the level of a player, why not try to find parallels between the situations of poker and Greek philosophy? One of the major Greek philosophers, Heraclitus of Ephesus, made history to deliver quote that can be perfectly applied to a No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament: "Everything flows, nothing stands still", i.e., everything changes and in reality there is nothing that remains the same at two different times. Therefore, literally like tournaments. Everything changes every second. Positions in the classification of the competition changes after each hand. The players vary their style to avoid an easy read. The chips pass to each other. Positions in the hands rotate around the dealer. The cards have different strengths in each game. The stakes are different ...

The changes are so fast and so close together that success in the tournament largely depends on the player's ability to adapt to various situations that are presented. This ability stems from the ability to perceive the changes for information that are not evident, and allows players to create and exploit the advantages that will give you several advantages: you can quickly adapt your style and anticipate the actions of rivals to gain or lose more or less chips.




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