Capacity to Gather Information

Poker is a game of imperfect information, no one can know all the factors involved in solving even one hand. Therefore, the No Limit Texas Holdem tournaments always end up becoming a real struggle to get the best players, assimilate and exploit as much information available as possible.

Luck is only a secondary factor in the competition, but sometimes the romance or glamour enables them to acquire higher visibility than others. Enough to say as an example, the epic victory of Chris Moneymaker's World Series of Poker 2003, pushing the limits of mathematical probability. Since then, Moneymaker has been considered by many poker fans as the luckiest person in the history of mankind.

Good players are real specialists in search, analyze, remember, take advantage and capitalize on all data that can influence a poker table. They spend all their time playing to get those tracks, both when they are immersed in one hand, and when they have thrown their cards. They are aware that distractions are a loss of power, which surely rivals seize more attentive. Therefore, avoid all issues that may prevent them continuing to pay attention to the development of a tournament. For example, are reluctant to talk at the table, as they obtain more information by observing the play of their opponents who are trying to get the info from. This does not mean they do not use all the resources at its disposal to get as much information as possible.

With this activity, get quality advantages that allow them to move forward with some confidence in the competitions. Poker is a unique game of decisions. The information helps the good players to choose the most appropriate alternatives, minimizing the possibility of errors. And it allows them to find advantages over rivals, take little apparent good times, evaluate the consequences of their actions and better control the risks to take. In short, information empowers them when looking for the two basic objectives of tournament play: the accumulation of chips and survival.

Poker players should seek information in both tables, and in its "surroundings".

The "lobby" or virtual tournaments provide information on the characteristics of the competitions. Aspects such as the structure of the awards, the proximity to paid positions, changes in levels of blinds, the start of payment of the position occupied before or in relation to paid positions, as we have previously stated, an enormous influence on the game.

However, the largest resource for poker players is the table itself. In it, try to obtain data on the playing style of opponents, take into account the size of the stacks, control at all times the positions and perform a thorough analysis of every hand played. In contrast to the surroundings, not all information has arisen in the context of the game on a table is clear and directly accessible. In many cases, direct observation is not enough and to get useful information is necessary to more complex intellectual operations like abstraction and experimentation. Players can control the size of the stacks of rivals or the positions they occupy on a table for a given hand, but both data will be irrelevant if not combined with other more subjective, as the style and the impact of the number of chips in the game, or hidden, as the cards you have the player. Thus, players take into account several factors for this information. Apart from personal behavior, pay attention, among other things, to the hole cards, betting patterns or the credibility of their actions. Generally take the lead in the game, investing chips with the intention of forcing opponents to make decisions to discover the information. With patience and observation, the play of the opponents will be revealed in the course of the hands. In short, the good players are always looking for information on tables creatively.


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