Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu was born on July 26, 1974 in Toronto, Canada. His parents were Romanians and chose to leave their home country to get a better life in America, but fate or luck had just wanted them to settle in Canada. His father found work as an electrician and seller of trinkets.

Since Daniel was born, it was clear he was not destined to have a conventional life. When he was little, spent every evening in a recreational game of pool while his dream to become a professional snooker player.

At 15, he learned to play poker and since then could not stop. When he built a bankroll more than reasonable, decided to go to Las Vegas with only 22 years, to try to become a professional poker player, but soon was almost ruined, so he returned to Toronto to recover and rebuild his bankroll.

It is one of the most familiar faces in poker. His success is enormous, his talent is unrivaled and his personality is unforgettable. In 2004, Daniel won the title of Card Player of the Year awarded by Tournament Magazine, and also the Player of the Year award in the World Series of Poker. Its profits in 2004 were about $ 4,400,000. He would participate in any live game played with blinds from $ 1000-2000 to $ 4000-8000 and plans to start playing more games in the future. Many people (including myself) think Daniel is the best in this game. He may have the natural talent to play poker, but he also works hard, harder than anyone.

Once, someone asked him which of the awards for best player of the year meant more to him. His response was, "It's hard to say that both are valuable in different ways. The title of the WSOP was something that I concentrated a lot and gave it my all to win. To come after a month of playing poker was an amazing experience. With the “POY” was different. I did not think at the beginning of the year that I had a chance. I was decided to play only in big tournaments with big prizes. In the middle of the year i realized I had a chance to win the prize. I led for most of the way. The only problem is i had to fight against other 376 players. I love playing under pressure, with my back against the wall, not only did i regain the No.1 ranking that year, but also won the tournament and a staggering $ 1.8 million. So both are special for different reasons, which make the question impossible to answer! "

Then they asked how he felt knowing he had to do a miracle for the celebration of the Bellagio to win the prize Card player, and if it was extra rewarding because of how close was the race. He explained: "I am a little witch in that sense, I thought, great, more pressure. If I don’t have a challenge before me i am an unmotivated player. If i don’t play under pressure i become a lazy player and lose focus. Imagine playing chess against someone you've never lost, wouldn’t that get boring after a while? I enjoy the thrill of victory, but certainly without the agony of the contest is less rewarding. "

It’s impressive to see him play No Limit Texas Holdem for his great knowledge of the game. He knows it's not just about the cards, but on game situations and players. I wanted to know how he acquires that knowledge. His response was, "I think it's a quality i possess, and my game after the flop. In fact in most tournaments, at the beginning the cards are less important for me, than the crucial decisions made post flop during the hand. I focus more on post flop than in the cards i have received."

There are many successes of Daniel in the tournaments. His conquests in World Series and World Poker Tour, WSOP bracelets, including Limit Hold'em, 2004, and the S.H.O.E. 2003 and 1998 Pot Limit. His credits include a World Poker Tour Borgata first place in 2004, third in Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure, the second place at Party Poker Million and first at Bellagio Five Diamond, who made him become the leader of the WPT prize money at the time .


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