Chad Elie speaks out but doesn't even bother Lederer

22 November 2012

A couple of weeks ago we saw the "birth" of Chad Elie in social media networks. The first entry of the former payment processor of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars was like a cyclone, making public statements about Howard Lederer and calling into question some of the claims that the ex-president of Full Tilt Poker made in his interview with

At that time he also announced that it would grant an interview to, which would uncover many things not known so far. Those who tend to want to be aware of the news in the poker world are eager to know what this interview is all about and what else Elie has to say that will bother Lederer. That interview came, but in the end was not as fierce as the lion would appear at first sight.

Apparently, much of the outrage of Elie with Lederer revolves around the celebration of New Year 2010. In this day, Lederer said he had never been in the company of any payment processor, while Elie contradicts him, assuring that night attended the same party, crossing more than one and two conversations.

In fact, Lederer took the role of "guest star". The presence of artists like Jay-Z and Coldplay were set aside to second plan and Lederer began to talk about himself and how he built his 3,000 million company. Elie also talked directly about what he expected from payment processors:

"Howard said that needed processors like us, who were transparent. Said he could not return to work with processors that were not. I stood in shock when he was so open with me about other processors because this is something nobody talks about... "

In any case, what will not change despite the outrage of Chad Elie is that he will have to be five months "in the shade", a sentence that could have been even greater if the Judge Lewis Kaplan would have wanted it, because as reflected in the sentence "they spit in the eyes of the government and laws of the United States."

Conclusion: Lederer continues sleeping like a little angel...


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