European gambling regulation, how will it be and when will it come

11 July 2012

The European Union is already working on it for some time, although in very slow pace in the European Gambling Regulation. Michael Barnier, internal commissioner for the internal EU market, announced recently that it will propose to the commission in autumn the adoption of a plan of measures to regulate and monitor online gambling.

He also reiterated his intention to punish those governments whose regulations are against the European directives. This actually sounds greattt…

In a recent appearance before the European parliament, Barnier aid that the regulatory process has three objectives:
The protection of citizens preventing fraud and maintaining integrity of sports in general.

Despite recent scandals caused by rooms like Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet/ Absolute Poker, Everleaf, or 5050 poker or even Purple Lounge, Barnier appears to focus on the protection of minors and persons at risk of addiction.
No reference has been made regarding protecting players, whose funds can be seriously affected in cases of bankruptcy or fraud of the operators.

The commissioner said that the proposed plan of action will three stages of development

First, will be created a group of experts with representatives from each European Union state who will evaluate existing legislation and plan the course of action.

Secondly, promote the creation of an attractive offer of games for the players in order to avoid the use of illegal operators. This phase will depend on the creation of a unified European market and the definition of a coherent taxation and common to operators and players.

And finally, the commissioner argues that the states whose legislation is contrary to European directives will be subject to prosecution and penalties.

However we still have a long way to go until the commissioner’s ideas to be enforced. It may take two years until they have a feel of general European gambling law and some extra time until the European Union states start to update their legislations about online gambling. However, seems like the European regulators know what to do. Hope they hurry…

Sources: European Comission, PokerFuse


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