Even the biggest sharks have compassion

11 June 2013

Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky was the biggest winner in online poker in 2012 with almost $4 million in profit, but according to the 25-year-old high-stakes pro there's a big problem with players giving action in the big games.

Sulsky has a reputation for playing anyone at high stakes, but unfortunately for Sulsky few other pros have the same attitude.

“It's a big problem because there are two things happening right now,” Sulsky explained after finishing fourth in the WSOP $10,000 Heads-Up Championship.

“Players are getting more and more specialized in what kind of games they play, and then no one will give any action in a game that's not excellent for them.

“That's really killing online poker's appeal for me as a professional,” he said.

The concept of “giving action to get action” refers to playing in games where you might actually be an underdog, in order to help create games and foster an environment where there's more action overall.

The idea being that the players to whom you're giving up an edge will eventually return the favor.

“I'm experienced in a lot of formats of No-Limit Hold'em and PLO and I would love to get games going and create an atmosphere where people are giving some gamble to get some back,” said Sulsky.

“So even though I still believe I'm competitive with these people in their specialties, it tilts me to give so much and get absolutely nothing back.

“To me it feels very much like an angle shoot. Some people will just say it's professionalization, but I look at it in a much more negative light.”


Source: pokerlistings.com


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