Let´s represent India in Gold Rush 2013 by Paf.com

16 July 2013

Welcome to Gold Rush 2013, where Paf.com continues giving out extraordinary prizes. This year, Paf is making the prizes more accessible to the more infrequent player, while maintaining the traditional structure of this fantastic challenge.

Pokerwala would like to be the first one to qualify the first India poker player ever for such event!!!

Here is how it works:

77,000 dollars in prizes

Gold Rush 2013 has a total added value of 60,000 dollars in the Live Final, which includes prizes such as travel packages to Paf Poker Challenge and other live events. During the year, even more great prizes, all in all worth up to 17,000 dollars, will be added to the challenge in the monthly rankings. In other words, this year's Gold Rush is in total worth a dazzling 77,000 dollars.

What is Gold Rush?

Gold Rush consists of a number of tournaments – perfectly regular poker tournaments with buy-ins of 28 dollars – where players can win money and great travel packages. Gold Rush ranking points are based on weekly tournaments called ”Gold Rush Ranking 2013”. Ranking tournaments are played twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays 19:30 CET. 
Gold Rush culminates in a Live Final where you get to meet your online contestants in real life at a poker table.
Two ways to qualify

There are two ways to qualify for the Live Final: online in the monthly Gold Rush ranking or in the final at our monthly live qualifiers in Paf Casino in Mariehamn.

Gold Rush Online Qualifiers

Twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays at 19:30 CET, you can win ranking points for this year's final with its collected treasure trove of prizes. Why not read more about how you can get your share of the Gold Rush prize pool?

Monthly ranking

Gold Rush tournaments participants are ranked every month, and the three highest ranking participants of every month will be invited to the final that will take place on Åland in February 2014. The winner of the monthly ranking will receive a starting stack of 20,000 for the live final, while the players who finish in second and third place will start with 15,000 and 10,000, respectively. But the fun does not end there ‒ Paf will also add a lot of Paf Tickets:

1: $320-ticket + Entry to Live Final Mariehamn 20,000 starting stack

2: $320-ticket + Entry to Live Final Mariehamn 15,000 starting stack

3: $320-ticket + Entry to Live Final Mariehamn 10,000 starting stack

4-10: $108-ticket to Paf Live Qualifiers

Live Qualifiers

You can also qualify live at Paf Casino in Mariehamn on the dates listed below. The winners of the live qualifiers will start the live final with a 10,000 starting stack.

March 30th
April – no final, winner of Paf Poker Challenge gets the seat

May 25th
June 29th
August 10th
August 31th
September xxx
October xxx
November xxx
December xxx
Annual Live Final in Mariehamn in February 22 2014

In the Live final, no less than 60,000 dollars is added as live poker tournament entries, Club Paf trips and electronic gadgets.

Prize Structure

1) $5,000 Live event package + Club Paf trip to Las Vegas (April 2014) + Paf Poker Challenge 2014 +Star Player invitation
2) $5,000 Live event package + Paf Poker Challenge 2014
3) Club Paf Trip to Las Vegas (April 2014)
4) Club Paf Trip to Las Vegas (April 2014)
5) Paf Poker Challenge 2014
6) Paf Poker Challenge 2014
7) Paf Poker Challenge 2014
8) Paf Poker Challenge 2014
9) Paf Poker Challenge 2014
10) Paf Poker Challenge 2014

Those who finish in places 11 to 40 (all remaining players) will be rewarded with electronic gadgets and poker tickets, in total worth 20,000 dollars. More details will be provided later.
What if I win more than one monthly ranking?

If you qualify for the live final more than once – congratulations! You will then start with an even bigger starting stack in the final. For example, if you rank first one month and third another month, you will start the live final with 20,000 + 10,000 = 30,000 starting stack. In other words, you have the chance to accumulate even more chips for the final every month.

Note - You cannot sell or give away tickets to the Live Final in Mariehamn in 2014. If you are unable to attend the final, we will ante away your stack and you will receive a prize in accordance with when you run out of chips.

How are the points calculated?

It might be of some interest to see how the points are calculated in the monthly ranking – so here it is, just don’t ask us to do this by hand. We have a great program for that.

5 * √ √B + 1 * (N - 1) / P

5 = Starting points, B = Buy-in, N = Number of players, P = Position


So, to find all the detailed information and start playing this amazing promotion, just register and account in Paf.com by clicking the below logo, and write in the bonus code: pokerwala




If you are an India poker player, pokerwala will certainly be cheering for you!!


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