Hasta La Vista Eurovegas??

09 June 2012

The big news of the day goes to Eurovegas project, and, on the annual shareholders' meeting in Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson has hinted that has "nothing solid" to finish settling the leisure complex in Spain. Many mainstream media made echo of this news, as is the case of El País, poker10.com, and us as a specialized environment were not going to be less.

The main reason is the economic uncertainty in which Spain is involved. The Phantom of the financial ransom plans by the EU on Adelson's head, its being largely advertised in the last days on major U.S. newspapers.

Here are some of the statements made by Adelson, these have fallen like a hammer in the main interested parties in the coming of Eurovegas to Spain:

"It’s not a Spanish project is a project for Europe".

"If something happened that would destabilize the euro or other situations make it (the project) not financially viable, we would still have plenty of time to make a decision about positive or negative, depending on what happened."

For Adelson, the future of the project and the Euro go hand in hand. A destabilization of the euro would lead to ruin the idea that Eurovegas landfall in Spain:

"Anything that prevents us from reach our target, whose overall development mark a is on 20% return on investment, would cause us to leave the project. And any destabilization of the euro, also would break the agreement. "

It seems clear that Adelson, today, still not compromise to anyone. For the American tycoon, the Audience reach he is looking in Eurovegas, is equivalent to the distance between Las Vegas and NY, which gives options to open the range of choice for other countries in Europe:

"If we look within five hours of flight and exclude the countries of North Africa, where we see great business options, there are about 40 possible countries," indicating that in his project, he wants to have as an audience, countries of Eastern Europe and former Soviet republics.

So, with this scenario, we will have to see what the final decision of Adelson and his people will be. Anyway, better be patient, because we believe his statement will arrive soon. As Adelson says "this is probably one of the most studied projects ever."

Will Eurovegas finally go through?? Only time and the economic situation will tell…


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