Short Handed Tables (6 max). Introduction

The online poker boom has brought more variety of games and ways to play them, and among them are the games with fewer players than usual. In general it is considered "full ring" to a set of 9 or 10 players and play "shorthanded" to one with less than 6 players. Shorthanded games have been and are being quite an event - "Why?" - Because together a number of features that make them desirable for both the casual player, to the SPRO or PRO.

Are games with much more action than full ring games (a full table) because fewer players playing more hands are dealt per hour.

By playing more hands per hour than in full ring, you have more decisions, so a good player will have more chances to win because will make less mistakes. In the "speed" of the hands on the internet, we must add the "turbo" tables which are tables STILL faster than conventional shorthanded tables, thus makes the player's adrenaline trigger when in 5 minutes wins 2 or 3 hands ad doubles his initial stack. Once you have tried the "turbo rush" you will find it difficult to play in the conventional full ring tables. For an amateur player is just what you are looking for, action, and the more the better (for me these people felt like watching a Chuck Norris movie). Of course, these tables are living aquarium, so very profitable to play them.

Shorthanded games penalize tight players (very selective in their starting hands) and reward aggressive players

Why can not play tight? Because the cost of the blinds increases very fast and will make you inevitably bleed. If you expect to have cards to play you not going to get profitable play. The shorthanded players are comfortable playing at tables aggressive and do well with almost any hand, but of course, power without control is useless, as i said in the intro, so let's change our tires and pay attention to the road, the path is dangerous, and i say dangerous because the variance in these games is very large, well, we can end the session with three of our starting stack, and of course, we lose everything in a few bad hands.

We need MORE bankroll than if we play in a full ring table

The recommended full ring 500 BB Bankroll is NOT sufficient, not even close. I suggest at least 700 and 1000 BB BB as highly desirable. - "Hey Carreno, you crazy. Do you want to tell me that i need $ 2000 to play in a $ 1 - $ 2 shorthanded? "- Yes

A VERY COMMON mistake when specifying the proper bankroll for this or that level, it is NOT take into account our specific game. We must "correct" the recommended bankrolls with our index of aggression, if we are hyper aggressive the bankroll will fall short, if we are "rocks" is going to overrun bankroll.

In shorthanded is VITAL the knowledge of the opponent

We should know how each and every one of our adversaries play, i repeat, we must know exactly the game of almost every opponent. The low limit full ring game is a very consistent no matter where both the set of rivals like the cards we have, in shorthanded this changes, it is MORE important to know the game of rivals than the cards we have. Our preferred statistical control program is going to come in handy for this purpose.

In shorthanded is very important NOT to make the game a personal game against another/s player/s

Playing against a few players and many hands, it is very easy to fall into the mistake of thinking they are playing "personally" against you. Quite possibly an aggressive player will win a pair of hands in a row and leave you "hot", BUT remember that poker is NOT a game of egos. You are there to make money and NOT to prove you're better player.

You have to avoid going "on tilt"

This seems obvious, but is not. It's much harder to stay cool in shorthanded than in full ring.

Last idea

Before taking the step in shorthanded, we must be very clear in full ring concepts. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that is easier. I'm going to put in a box that this seems to me that people do not have it very clear.

Playing in shorthanded tables is more difficult than in full ring

By Juan Carreno


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