Bad times for Phil Ivey

20 May 2013


Phil Ivey "Polarizing" is commonly regarded as the best poker player of today and maybe of all time, but is living a somewhat irregular season.

Despite having achieved in April its 9th bracelet by winning the $ 2,200 Mixed Event World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific, in online poker he accumulated losses of $ 2,297,409 so far in 2013.

Ivey has a personal fortune estimated at $ 100 million and over 35 million profit from online poker and live poker. His role as loser is virtually unknown and will have to see how it is managed from now.

In the past € 100,000 Super High Roller of the Grand Final of the European Poker Tour made two re-entries and left 300,000 € behind in search of a prize that ultimately avoided him. In 9 days begins the WSOP ® in Las Vegas and could be a good time to stop the bad feelings parked online.

In 2013, he played 52,146 hands online and last week was particularly bad for him. He lost $ 956,528 and ranked first among the losers. This is very strange to Ivey, as he often applies a "stop-loss" to minimize losses and avoid the bad times. When it reaches a cap of bad results, Ivey stops playing and that is not always well received by his opponents.

He recently had a tense conversation in chat with "SallyWoo" in which rival did not approve of his method of leaving the table when things are not going well.

Polarizing (Phil Ivey): "Stop playing whenever you want, I can play two minutes."
SallyWoo: "No, you're too much of a rock".
Polarizing: "Ha".
SallyWoo: "We'll play another time".
Polarizing: "Let's play 8game".
SallyWoo: "I have already switched to other games and you have given me no action, I'll share this time or my changing table and will happen again."
SallyWoo: "I'll change later or we can fight."
Polarizing: "What are you talking about?".
Polarizing: "You have problems."
SallyWoo: "Problems?".
Polarizing: "I play and retire when I want".
Polarizing: "Easy".
SallyWoo: "Every time you lose 2 bbs you leave the table, not I tam not the one with problems."

There is no written law on this issue, and each player can withdraw at any time. Is poker a game of gentlemen? I am not at all clear. With money involved, chivalry goes into the background.

Anyway, there is little to be attributed to Phil Ivey since he has left us so many great moments in the history of poker. The May 29 WSOP ® starts soon, and we can check if he is still fit or has lost the swing. We are betting on the former.


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