Nate Silver believes that state budget needs may benefit online poker.

16 November 2012

It’s been one of the most spoken names in North American media, and presented as one of the biggest winners in the last presidential elections in the US. His name in Nate Silver, and he hit the jackpot in the predictions on who would be the winner of the presidential elections in every state in the US.

Now Nate, who himself claims to be a poker player, is being questioned about the future of online poker in in his country. The question came up on a Q&A (Question and Answers) session hosted by Silver in sports blog Deadspin with his fans.
Among many questions on the most various subjects, we highlight the ones more interesting to the community regarding poker. Here are the two answers by Silver;

“My hunch is that the poker community probably underrates how difficult it is to get ANYTHING done at the federal level, especially in the near term,” said Silver. “But the intersection of the need for more tax revenues, poker having become increasingly mainstream, better lobbying efforts on behalf of the poker community, etc., bodes reasonably well in the medium-to-long term.

From a public policy standpoint, it’s ridiculous that so many states allow the lottery but not online poker,” Silver continued. “The demographics of poker tend much more toward people who can ‘afford’ to gamble”.

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