Nosebleeds 3 Million curse

09 October 2012

It is said at the high stakes poker tables at PokerStars that the ones that reach 3 million in winnings is subject to a curse that causes tilts and unstoppable downswings. This year there are two players who have suffered this curse.

The first was Andrew "EireAbu" Grimason, the great ruler of the nosebleed tables of the first half of 2012. In June surpassed the milestone of 3 million in profit and since then has done nothing but lose them. In fact, his account is now at 2.3 million in profits, so that the spell has been taking back over $700,000.

Now it was his successor on the throne of the high stakes, the American Ben "Sauce123"Sulsky. Sulsky reached his max winnings mark during October, He reached 3.3 million. However, during the last two weeks, the spell has started to take effect and the last seven days have been horrible for him. He is now down $431,774 and no one has left as much money at the tables as him...
Behind Sulsky, is listed in this week’s losers leaderboard with the anonymous player "The Liar" (-$ 273,310) and the American Joe Ingram (-$267,078).

As for the winners, we note for the second straight week the player whose nickname is the hardest to read: "1ìl | 1ìl | 1yl |". Something must have changed in the life of this anonymous “Canadian” player that until the end of September was a usual loser at nosebleeds. However, during the last 15 days has earned over a million dollars. This past week has ended with profits of $563,584, in fact, right now his negative balance on the 2012 leaderboard is "only" about $96,400

The week has also been great for the anonymous "LewisFriend" ($ 465,878) and the American Jared Bleznick "Harrington10" ($ 409,597). Also, three of the most voracious sharks have completed clearly positive: "RaiseOnce" (Phil Ivey?), Phil Galfond "MrSweets28" and Ben Tollerene "Ben86". Even Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has been allowed the luxury of end in a positive session: $ 149,127. If this continues he won’t be able to overcome Guy Laliberté in the annual ranking of (ironic mode: on).

Little by little we are nearing the end of 2012 and the race to be the best player of the year in the high stakes is thrilling. For now, Ben Sulsky leads with ($ 2,861,043), but perhaps the curse of the 3 million will bring him further down like Andrew Grimason ($ 2,313,285). After both of them we find the space tourist Jens Kyllönen ($ 2,245,758) and two players who are running very consistent this year: Phil Galfond ($ 2,208,827) and Ben Tollerene ($ 2,132,234).

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