Omaha Hi-Lo: Basic Concepts


The object of the game is to win the whole pot (scooping)


The object of the game is to win the whole pot (scooping) The objective of the game is to win the whole pot (scooping) The objective of the game is to win the whole pot (scooping) ... I'm writing a hundred times and I recommend that you do the same, when you finish read ... The object of the game is to win the whole pot (scooping) ... The object of the game is to win the whole pot (scooping) ... I use the trick of three pens ...

Let's take the example above the "quartering".

Jackpot $ 50

In the table 3-4-5-J-J

Jugador01: A-2-Q-Q
Jugador02: A-2-J-J


Jugador01: A-2 + 3-4-5 = A-2-3-4-5
Jugador02: J-J + J-J-5 = J-J-J-J-5 Winner of $ 25


Jugador01: A-2 + 3-4-5 = A-2-3-4-5 winner of $ 12.50
Jugador02: A-2 + 3-4-5 = A-2-3-4-5 winner of $ 12.50

What draws attention to you? Are printed pajamas with teddy bears? I have no idea but I'll tell you what I must call attention to this example, the little money. Let's recreate the play:

Table with 9 players

jugador01 raise from medium
jugador02 call from late
Everyone fold

Flop 3-4-5

Jugador01 bet the pot
Juagdor02 raise the pot
The two all-in players betting $ 25 each. The pot is $ 50 (neglecting the blinds)

The jugador01 think I can not lose because I have the nut low and the high ladder, this is done. The jugador02 think I can not lose because I have the nut of low and high ladder, this is done. Gee, I hear in stereo! I think the latter myself. You know how this ends, wins the $ 12.50 jugador01 betting $ 25 with the nut of low and high ladder. This is not unusual, it happens more often than you might think. Moral: Playing with a chance of winning both hands, it is just losing money, so what are we going to play hands that have just (almost) guaranteed a winning hand? If all goes well we recover the invested money and gain nothing.

With the nut of low peeled and without warranties of winning high let's take the cards

- "Tuuuuu flipassss" - Correction, which are TUUUUUUU freak. I'm going to tell you again and read it slowly ... With the nut of low peeled and without warranties of winning high let's take the cards. I remember that the goal of this game is to win the whole pot.


Jugador01 A-2-9-J (us) from medium
Jugador02 A-2-3-K from late

4-5-flop K

Jugador01 bet the pot
Jugador02 see the bet

Turn 4-5-K-K

Jugador01 bet the pot
RAISE Jugador02
Jugador01 all-in
Jugador02 all-in

River 4-5-K-K-2

Jugador02 earn high with A-2-3-4-5 and low with A-2-3-4-5

Jugador01 think - "Bad luck, bad beat often, that luck has had jugador02" -

Analysis of the play:

4-5-flop K

Jugador01 bet the pot:

No objection, is a semi-bluff. Against a player must bet.

Jugador02 see the bet:

Turn 4-5-K-K

Jugador01 bet the pot:

ERROR 1, we have only option to win over low and playing with A-2 peeled. The jugador02 we've seen the flop bet, so we "said" that game has no sense stick back.

Jugador02 raise:

Jugador01 all-in:

2nd error. If your friend gets us a raise, is that it takes game now, should have folded. In the best case we will recover the investment, and in this game we are to recover investments, or win media boats, we make all the money for Think what I'm saying a little, do yourself a favor. What do you want to play to win half the pot?

A twist

We will draw on mathematics to explain why it is not advisable to play with A-2 peeled and high options. Namely.

My Letters A-2-8-K

Flop 5-6-J

Playing from late, a character before I bet the pot, I who do? F-O-L-D.
I know this is hard to grasp at first, but I repeat again and again because it is the only way that you understand that you are going to avoid losing money, and in this game when you lose money, you lose a lot. - "I do not think nothing, Carreño. Your you want to play well, to let you win when you play against me "- A friend nihilistic view, I'll explain:

Do not listen to me and betting. When I refer to wager on Omaha means you bet your entire stack, so bet your entire stack to this play, let's see what the numbers say.

The character is played half table $ 1500 and your other $ 1,500. First observation, you have no move to high, so that only those opting medium pot, so if you remember the addition and subtraction of the college the thing is this: Bet $ 1500 to win $ 1500. Yes sir, what a bet. But this is not the worst, the worst is YOU GOING TO THE PLAY! I mean, who does not have insurance, so the bet is as follows: You're playing $ 1500 to win $ 1500 in the absence of a letter appears below 8 (inclusive). The thing does not look good, but is going to get worse: Do not just any card less than 8, you only worth 3, 4, 5 and 7. This gives us a 1:1 odds (rounded) on the river, that is, one in two games recoup the $ 1,500 and the other will lose them. Go bet!, Keep it up. - "I had not seen that way ..." -

BUT ... Do not go yet there's more! Nananananaaaa .... nananananaaaaa ... nana-nana-nanana nanana naaaaaaaaaaaa (little imagination and sing the song of the drawings of the Warner)

By the way, I will explain the avatar I use when posting ... Is the coyote, you know that chases the Roadrunner (mec-mec). The coyote is one of my favorite fictional characters (along with penguins and God), why? Because it is the very picture of a looser, correct, is the "apparent" living image of a looser. The Coyote NEVER been caught and presumably will never catch the Road Runner, but does that necessarily mean it is a looser? Actually the coyote is a real "winner" (?) Because every time he falls off the cliff rises ... and you drop the anvil ... and rises. Each time, I repeat, every time he falls, he rises from his own silhouette to return to the factory and buy a new ACME rocket skates or supersonic, or explosive drones, or whatever ... A person / je so unbeatable, making it a winner.

BUT ... Do not go yet there's more! We

What makes you think the friend who you play against, does not also have the Ace and 2 among its four letters? Then the thing would look like this: $ 1,500 bet with odds of 1:1 on the river to win .. $ 750! The thing gets better and better. Remember the new concept of "boat room", especially when our play is low. A pre-flop raise with security indicates that the player have at least 3 of the 5 cards Bicycle (A-2-3-4-5), which no longer makes much sense to play alone to Low , is that the thing becomes a real suicide, because the best we play to take a quarter of a boat. Reflect on it because this is one of the main differences between a looser and a winner in Omaha hi-lo.

I will not go deeper into the subject, but as I shall tell you detail depending on the circumstances, not only my retirement from the game with A-2 peeled, I even recall having the nut (vulnerable) to high.
This is a game where you move a lot, lot, lot of money and there to be sure what is done, or at least have a reasonable risk-ratio, ie an amount bet hoping to win another to make it worthwhile the bet. It is axiomatic that a poker player must constantly keep in your memory.

By Juan Carreño



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