Omaha Hi-Lo: Flop Strategy


Scoopi Scoopi duuuu


The objective of this game is to win the whole pot (scooping). With this in mind there are several issues to consider, namely:

1. - The value of your high cards decreases as having more low cards than high cards flop.

On a flop of 3-4-5 the value of your high cards (eg AKQJ) lost all its power, because to win flops such low cards are needed.

2. - The value of your low cards decreases as having more high cards in the low cards flop. That is, the same as the first point but in reverse! (Menudo am I here for, this does not mean either yes or no, but rather the opposite) lol I'm taking medication ...

On a flop of AKQ the value of your low cards (Ex: A-2-3-x) lost all its power, because to win such a high card flops are needed, because the low game is very unlikely.

3. - The odds help us make decisions.

Estaros very attentive to the issue of the odds, that they are going to suggest if you are doing a good bet (for us) or a good bet (for crocodiles). A concept that we must always bear in mind is: "Are we playing to win the whole pot or win half the pot? Depending on one answer or another amounts to calculate the odds change.
The theme of the odds are going to be useful when we have almost guaranteed the nut low, but we do not earn high clear. Then you have to think out outs and squeeze my move to high for us to be profitable. Example: After the flop, play with the nut low and matched to a color in backdoor, a gutshot and a couple in my hole cards you can give me a trio to win high.

4. - You have to rely on the position

From late position game comes much more information and can gauge the strength of the hands of our adversaries. In an unopened bottle we can play with our position and our letters, so we can open the pot with a less rigorous selection of cards. Moreover, if we play in a forward position, "we sold", which means we must play only if we have cards to do so. Beware of aggressive tables, if someone before you open the pot and you're in a forward position or half of the table, you should seriously consider folding, that you can get into the middle of a raising war.

5. - In deciding to stay or not in the game, there is a rule which states that: "It should be better the more players have cards in hand", that is, at a table with more than 5 players seeing the flop ( multiway pot), we must have the nut to keep playing. The best way to run out of money to play with the second best hand.

6. - If we play with A-3 for low we lay the cards unless you know that our move is the nut, or that have clear options to earn high.

7. - Slowplay? It is going to be why not? Why in the Omaha hi-lo are playing two games at once and is likely to play although one or the other you will see the bets, so like you anyway you will see ... Moreover this is a game nut, and you have the best move in a certain street, does not mean that going to have on the next, so you have to go to protect your cards on high, and although you have the low nut, you may be the stepping or have to splitarla (distribute), if it must be, so be it BUT they pay.
And to top off a classic mistake of slowplay: We have the nut of high and let slip play two low cards which gives the possibility of play below, which is just the play do not we, so we split the pot.

8. - When only option to play and have the nut low with a round in the chamber (third letter of the bike) and the pot is big the best option is check-call, except that a raise of us chance to win the pot immediately. I repeat: the pot is large, if the pot is small it is best to fold.
Another occasion to lay the cards are playing against a good hand that "suggests" that also carries the nut low. If it costs us nothing or little to play with this type of game usually continue playing, but if we play at tables aggressive ... this game is not enough.

9. - Do not mix wine with beer.

10. - The Blinds

Special mention to the blinds. Playing from them, besides the golden rule is not to overestimate your cards from this position, there is another rule for Omaha hi-lo: O Virgin appears or throw the cards. And when I refer to the Virgin, I am not referring to ANY virgin has to be authentic, which has PDO. Watching a thing, we must have the nut almost guaranteed to continue playing the hand, otherwise, echo the letters. From these positions it'll lose money rather than earn it.

These 10 commandments are summarized in two

We play the pots they have a choice to make under and above


The best way to run out of money to play with the second best hand

By Juan Carreño



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