Omaha Hi-Lo: Pre-flop strategy


Omaha is a game of nuts, so the thing is easy:

We play with cards that give us the possibility of having the nut low and high

Ojito with conjunctive ... "y". The "and" means that we play cards with the play options to be high high And the play options to be low in low. Mindful that does not mean that one or the other, I mean we have to play TWO AT A TIME.

NOTE: Go to as the "y" is not a coordinating conjunction ... I'm listening to my old school language teacher, the director Ignacio, his favorite mantra: "Carrenito ... Ceruto one! "Jua, ha, ha. What cabr @ n! Digooooo ... that good person and a better teacher. You never know who may read this.

Or big, or small, medium NEVER

If we play cards mean, we're not playing anything. This is the first big mistake you have to stop doing. Play these hands will encourage we get into trouble, and Omaha there is only one kind of trouble, big trouble. A track of whether we're playing this kind of hands is 8. Eight is the worst card of low, but it is low, and from 8 is high. So if we play with eight of the worst play low and we have a good play to high (eg under high ladder).
If we play high cards, we are playing only high, but depending on the position and the aggressiveness of the table can be a good option. Usually people are often mislead when one can play high, and does not know well, well, what to do.
If we play low cards, we're playing mostly low but with the option of the ladder (bicycle) or color if you have the Ace suitado, plus you can see a flop favorable.

The Ace

The Ace is the cornerstone on which will turn all our hi-lo game. The Ace is the highest and lowest card at a time, so we start with an advantage over our competitors. It is a very good advice always used to play with when you are starting As the hi-lo. As we have control of the cards and the table can be flexible start our letters. At first governs the axiom: "If I have an Ace, NO PLAY." Of course we can relax our requirements the closer we are to the button, but at first ...

- "Very well Carreño, I have the Ace, what other cards? -"

Let's see:

We need 3 more cards accompanying As our brand, but more than appoint you and explain combination after combination (give fish) you'll "teach to fish"

What cards gives us options to have the nut low?

As, 2 and 3, so play with A-2-xx or A-3-xx are good starting cards for low, but to enter a war for low you must have at least 3 5 cards of the bike. 3 of the 5, I repeat, 3 of the 5. - "I can play with A-2 and the horn of my nephew Henry tricycle?" - NO.

What cards gives us options to have the nut on high?

Any couple (for a possible trio), aces suitados (Draft color), two or three cards over 10 (draft royal flush). In short, any two or three cards give us the options of high nut.


A-A-2-x Good cards.

The A-2 allows us to play low, while the pair of aces we can play high or winning trio just with aces if we have someone asylee.

A-2-J-9 bad cards.

We only have the option of playing with low A-2 and above will play bare-chested. Very bad move. Overall hands should discard type A-2-xx, unless we play from late and cost us little to see the flop, hoping to play A-2 for low and that the Virgin appears to high, in this case I recommend going to play Lourdes.

Adia-2-J-9Day good cards.

Here things change, because our move to low is A-2 and our move to high-9Day is Adia, we have the option of playing color. Remember that we must play to win the whole pot and for that we have options to win in both the low and high.

A-2-jdia-9Day bad cards

The A-2 allows us to play low-9Day jdia BUT we can not play anything, the only option is to play the best hand, and jdia-nut 9Day not have the color, ergo, NOT PLAY. Very careful with this type of hands that get us into trouble. It happens that you get bored of not going to any hands and lower your initial requirements, and this is the kind of hands you play. Here you are going to have to trust me when I say that this is the most dangerous type of hands on hi-lo. Having low option we hooked to the play believing the flush, although not the nut, will suffice. It will be enough ... and those words will resonate in the consciousness during the day when you lose the pot and your whole stack.

A-2-KDIA-9Day Neither good nor bad cards

This is a version of the previous hand but in certain circumstances we can make money. The KDIA-9Day has ladder option, although not real, although not of the nut flush draw, may be sufficient. - "But what about the melodramatic roll before: It will be enough ...?" For this kind of goes hand the play we know when we have more experience because depending if the boat is raiseado or not, the number of players involved and their positions, we can make a correct reading of the rest of the hands of rivals to decide if we have option to win the whole pot or not. - "Why, I do not rinse it all?" - Well, can I say.

High cards

High cards are considered by definition the letters from 9 (inclusive). QJ-10-9 (for example) are good starting cards, as long as we see the flop comes out cheaper. Why? For the hi-low, also known as "eight or better" (eight or more), is a shared jackpot game, so if you only have a choice to win half the pot, play with only high cards is not a good option, Now, one of the features of this game, is that while there is always a high play, need not be a minimum, so the whole pot would win the player with the best hand. Where do I get there? Well we can play high cards from late position or passive tables where we see the flop comes out expensive, if we connect our move forward, otherwise back. EYE, high cards only play well when no option to LOW, if we have to split the pot remains a profitable hand for us.

In summary:

We play cards with the potential of becoming the nut, both high as low, and if we face the question of whether or not to play them, most times it is the right thing to do "fold"

Raise pre-flop

In Omaha high is more than questionable raisear pre-flop, because we are giving too much information. A classic mistake to switch to hi-so is maintain that belief, in hi-lo is a mistake not raisear ever.


1. - To shrink space (narrow the field)

How? The ideal way to shrink is opening the pot with a raise. The reason for doing this is to play hands that work best against one or two opponents and failing against more. What kind of hands? A-A-2-x, K-K-A-3, etc. Overall a top pair with options to low and Ace suitado. An interesting hand is AK-2-x, because staff often play with Aces, and to narrow the field of people who most likely have been one, - "what? -" If you see an ace flop, everyone has top pair, but you have the better kicker. The main feature of shrinking space is to try to stay in head-ups, and in this situation the value of the cards changes dramatically, so a pair of aces is very good for high hand, if we add that we have a good game (not necessary the nut) to low, we have some cards that play very well against few (one or two) players.
One last thought: If we play at a loose table and our raise is seen all over the table full raisear not a good idea for this reason.

2. - To increase the pot

We bet to increase the pot when you have a hand that has a serious chance to become the nut, Eg-Acor-2Cor 3-4. In this type of hand we are concerned that no one go, to pay as much as possible to see the cards at showdown, when we have the option of having the nut on low and almost certainly win in high option. We should "scare" staff so if you play from early, limped and I raised hope someone to "see" diverting attention from my move. If I put a raise from early position I do not see anyone, so I'm really doing is shrink space, not raise the pot. Ideally play late in the table and raisear from there, so we engage in all limpers (players who only see the bet). In general it can raise with A-2-xx (suited ace) in a boat multiplayer, and even with A-3-xx (suited ace) if the game is very loose.

3. - To change the game.

We are in business as usual, if the board's only zocotroles who look only their cards, you do not change anything, but if you're at a table with good people, it is necessary to change the game. If you raise with low cards whenever you become very predictable, so that, from time to time, when you hand is favorable to it, you should raise with overcards. Remember that a raise in Omaha hi-lo usually means good low cards in general 3 of the 5 cards of the bike, including A-2.

- "What are zocotroles?" - As a synonym sugus packages, break-teles, stolen lamps, touch-tones, etc.. Finally, a generic term that means they are bad players, and a feature of these players is that they only look at their own game. - "Ahhhhh ... look. By the way, always with respect and good vibes, are those words there? "- Man, then no, but if we tiquis-Mikis and I start saying that if the word does not exist or if this one you just invented the ... because we did not get anywhere. The ultimate goal of any media is communication, and we must try to explain the forms as clearly and understandably as possible.


There is no right strategy to follow according to each case, with the experience we should be able to adapt more favorable decisions at all times. The gaming experience will make us understand the game, and through this understanding we make decisions. Herein lies the complexity of Omaha hi-lo, no choice but to be patient to go see play after play until eventually we can go "reading" what is happening and act accordingly. Anyway, I have not said anything new, is always the same roll, but in Omaha experience is not just a degree, is MONEY.
In Omaha hi-lo is a good selection of cards will give us a lot of advantage over the other players, and not necessarily because we play with better cards, but because subsequent decisions will be much easier to take. Eye to the data: The key to this game is patience, and this feature is not casual gamers, want to take a moment and look for action games, and Omaha hi-lo find it, go if they find it. We must exploit this feature, impatience. We expect to have their best game, and NOT forgive. The great mistake of believing that these characters is the second best move is enough ... and you know what happens when someone believes that his move is enough .. ;-)

By Juan Carreño



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