Omaha Hi-Lo: Turn & River strategy




Flipping cards

Normally this is the first big bet that is not in the table have been a raising war pre. A feature of the pot limit is that you can only bet the amount of the boat at the time, so the bet is limited, giving rise to encourage people to see a "more card." When it reaches the turn, the pot is usually large enough to bet the pot is large enough to clear the table. It is the moment when we must decide whether we play or we do not, we can still turn back. This is one of the most complex parts of the game, toss the cards taking chances.

My cards A-2-8-8
Pre-flop: Everyone sees, no raise

Flop: 3-4-8
Bet the pot and three players call

Turn: 3-4-8-2

Bet the pot. Did I do that? FOLD. My trip of 8's not enough to win my game high and low is A-2 (my two cards) + 3-4-8 (community) seems a good choice, but a player with A-5 is the nut of Low and high ladder. Such moves make us lose money. It is the time when the good players differences ill, if I can not go further, I stay where I am, I recognize my limits and point, it will come another time more favorable. Now is when you should remember the maxim that: "The money you've invested in the pot belongs to the boat, it's not your money," and from this perspective should make the decisions. To add another maximum is equal to or more important: "The money we lose is just as important as the money they earn." In this game, you must have very clear the maximum, otherwise we are dead before sitting down.


Isolating a player on the turn is appropriate when we have low and the nut of a good play, but not the best, in high

When the boat we raisear increasing it considerably and the remaining players at the table to decide if their cards offer sufficient guarantees as much money to play. What we're getting in this way is that players with better hands than ours throw their cards and leaving us facing off against a player who (we think) only has low game, so we'll win 3/4 of the pot. Of course downwind and if weather permitting ... ?


My letters A-2 Co-3cor-J

Turn 5cor-7cor-8-10

A player in front of my bets the pot, I play with flush (2Cor-3cor) and I have the nut in Low, there are 3 players behind me, is the time and place the pot raisear expensive, so the friend flush with the Ace will have to think twice if you want to keep playing. My nut of Low me "shields" to play aggressively high. This is the idea.

Leaving play

When we have the nut of High and Low have no option, we would leave the personnel point to the show, so I will only win half the pot, but the pot half I should be all it can be profitable. Eye to detail, is much more complicated high splitar the pot, ie there are quarter-boat, hence, mathematics at hand from two players in the pot we play profitable.



If I speak the first and I have the best hand, bet

On the river, in Omaha hi-lo is NOT a good idea to check-raise, because he's a nut game, and unless the player is sure that you (the nut), not to bet. But if you bet, they have no other choice but to watch the players want to know if you carry, "and maybe my letters are enough ..." think ;-)

If the boat is open and I have the nut of Low game but I do not wear high ... check-call

We're playing for half the pot, and on this occasion we want to enter into the boat all possible players.

If the boat is open and I have the second best play of Low and the second best play of high ... check-call

Having the second-second best move is usually enough to win half the pot, and we are as in the previous comment, we want people to come into the boat.

If I am the last to speak and the boat is not open, playing only with the Low nut I bet the pot if there are two or more players.

Even if you lose money if you win only a quarter of the pot, eventually lose more, if you win half the pot. To be a wrong game should win the pot room more than 2 out of 3 times. Generally if you have any suspicion that the nut is not the low out there, bet.

By Juan Carreño



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