Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius is probably the fittest player in the high stakes games today thanks to more than $5 million won between high stakes cash games and tournaments live and online, strong performances in the televised shows (High Stakes Poker, the game Aussie Millions cash ...) and his advantage ($ 400k up) in the HU match against Tom "durrrr" Dwan. Here is a short biography about this great player:

Born in Helsinki (Finland) on December 13, 1980. His family was not wealthy, his father worked as a bread delivery man but lost his job and then his mother had to start working in a nursery.

As a teenager tried to be a professional tennis player but a back injury (possibly caused by intense training) was a blow to his dream.

At 18 he spent a year doing military service in Finland, "It was a good experience for me because it allowed me to appreciate much more normal life. There were times where we were out of maneuvers 10 days without being able to wash or sometimes without eating for 24 hours." Despite the tough military training Patrik took advantage of their free time to continue training tennis which speaks of a great capacity, devotion and dedication.

After completing military service another back injury ended his career as tennis player.

The next few years before turning to poker as a model worked as waiter in a factory, and tennis coach, as a salesman ... but none of these jobs had good salary and wasn’t that competitive, he was gradually focusing in poker who had been his hobby for many years.


Early years

At age 12 began playing at various poker games with friends until they learned the rules of Omaha. He played his first tournament in a casino at 18.

From there began to visit the Casino Helsinki once a week to play "Just playing for fun, trying to win a couple hundred dollars. At that time not even know that eventually would play poker professionally. "

It took some time to beat the $ 1-2 tables of Pot Limit Omaha Casino Helsinki, but was slowly building a small bankroll.

In 2003 was introduced by his friend Ilari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies to the world of online poker .

His first deposit was $ 200 and in 2 months turned into $ 20,000 playing Pot Limit Omaha, that’s when he decided to play poker professionally. "I had no idea, but the rest were even worse. Omaha, playing $ 1-2 and $ 2-4, and almost bet all the time, bet before the flop, on the flop and on the turn, the other players just fold, fold, fold, if i put all my chips in the middle almost every time had the best hand. I was lucky to meet with bad players because they really had no idea of playing HU PLO or shorthanded, but by the time they get it, I was with a bank account of $ 20,000 and began to think that I could be a professional poker player. "



In 2004 he went to study at a U.S. university with a tennis scholarship. He played 1 or 2 hours a day, especially HU and shorthanded, Limit Hold'em with blinds $ 50/100 but soon his bankroll reached $ 150k, also started playing PLO $ 5/10 and $ 15/25 and in this levels he increased his bankroll by another $100k.

That summer he made his first trip to Las Vegas to gain entry into a satellite for the WSOP Main Event 2004. Although he had no experience, he was even more determined to improve his game.

Back in Finland, soon doubled his bankroll playing Limit Holdem $ 200/400 online.



But when his bankroll took the leap was the following year, the tournament season in 2005, finishing 3 rd and 1 in 2 events (EPT Barcelona and Baden) and 2nd in the WPT Five Diamond to win one million dollars (in addition had 3 other top-finishes in major tournaments that year).

This summer, after his victories in the EPT, he went to Las Vegas and started playing high stakes both live and online.

At that time joined the group of players led by Marcel Luske called "Circle of Outlaws" and signed a sponsorship deal with Swedish online poker room MartinsPoker.



Jennifer Harman gave him a hand to learn to play better 7 card stud in 2006 when he wanted to improve to compete in the mixed game at Bellagio higher stakes "The Big Game" in Las Vegas (one rotation of games that can include holdem, Omaha, Omaha8, Razz, 2-7 triple draw, 7 card stud, 5 card draw PL, Stud8 ...).

In the 2006 WSOP, he was in one of the best final tables of all time, the inaugural HORSE tournament with $50k buy-in, along with Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, Chip Reese, Andy Bloch, Dewey Tomko, TJ Cloutier, Jim Bechtel and David Singer.

In a 2007 interview talks about how you can play 15 types of poker and feel comfortable in them all.

"I am part of a new generation of poker players who have a past as an athlete. You need to be in great shape to play your best. Your head must be completely free to play and to do that need to be in good shape. "

Since its inception Patrik focused in poker the same way that an athlete would prepare the Olympics: with discipline, patience and a lot of concentration on what he did.

"My family was not rich. I learned that to get something I would have to work hard. The discipline required to do so i got it in my teen years when i coached a lot to try to be a professional tennis player. Thus also learned to be respectful to opponents and know how to lose. "

"Happiness comes when you do what you really want to do, not working at something you hate or like. I have worked on many things that I liked, in a factory, as a bartender, seller, dealer, I have done military service, tennis coach, work as a model ... I was taught that is not easy to make money. "


Blog entry in October-December 2007:


"I've had a long session playing Limit Holdem Heads Up against Hoss_TBF, he plays something different from other specialists in limit holdem I know it took a while to realize what he did. HU Limit Holdem is a great game that requires a lot of aggression and where there is much bluff. Also fold your hand not knowing when is beaten, costs money and know how to do it is also very important. "


"Many people think of me as a specialist in PLO and NLHE, but Limit is my game, im very strong now, I've played for a long time Limit shorthanded and HU when it was the greatest gambling game online"


"A few nights later I had a session playing 46 hours straight in" The Big Game "at Bellagio, people coming in and out of the game but David Benyamine and I were playing the entire session. I ended up winning, but the beating was not worth it, do not think i will do a session of more than 40 hours unless Bill Gates gives away $25k chips in the game. "

In 2007 he began living part time in Monaco with his partner Maya, also in that year was born his daughter Mila.

In June 2008, signed with Full Tilt Poker when finished its previous sponsorship agreement.

Currently only plays cash games because most of buy-in and prizes of tournaments are too low for the level of wagering in which he plays regularly in cash. Surely that is one of the reasons that he has no WSOP bracelet.

In an interview this year he spoke of the beginning of the match against durrrr, that he had a hard time playing 4 tables HU at a time, used to play as much as 2 or 3 at a time, but right now does it much better. In the same interview talks about his toughest opponent, Phil Ivey…



A close friend of Noah Boeken and Roland De Wolfe.

In the 5 th season of HSP says that no one taught anything about playing poker, never read a poker book, learned from their mistakes and imagining ways to improve his game as well as studying how to play his rivals.

In January 2008 gave a list of his five favorite players in different ways for the magazine version of Poker Magazine Finland. The list is this (only 4 in Limit Hold'em and PLO so I guess it would be included among those 5):

Fixed Limit Hold'em Top Players: Phil Ivey, David Beniamine, Bryce “Freedom25” Paradis, Matt "Hoss TBF" Hawrilenko.

Top No Limit Hold'em Players: Phil Ivey, Chris "Genius28" Lee, Phil 'OMGClayAiken' Galfond, Brian 'sbrugby' Townsend, Sami 'LarsLuzak' Kelopuro.

Top Live Tournament Players: Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, David Pham, Michael Mizrach, JC Tran.

Top Pot Limit Omaha Players: David Benyamine, Marcus 'Jumper17' Golser, Jani 'KOBYTABout' Vilmunen, Ilari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies.


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