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Poker gained many fans around the world in the last years, most of these fans practice it without any inconvenience. Poker is a game of skill.

However, as there are people that are addicted to alcohol or drugs, some people can have gambling problems, this problems can cause serious changes in the daily life of a person among their family and friends.

There are certain behaviors that can indicate a gambling addiction. The good intentions and desire to play a bit less won´t be enough to recover from it.

You can only find adequate solution to overcome such addiction by admitting you have a problem in the first place.

If you have the below symphoms, your are likely to have a gambling problem, and you should ask for help in your nearest health center:

1. You lie about gambling – If you need to hide from friends or family that you are gambling, your habit might no longer be one of recreation, but that of addiction.

2. You think about gambling a lot – when you’re not gambling, if you spend considerable time thinking about it.

3. You lose money chasing losses – if you’re always adding more gambling in order to get back money you lost gambling.

4. Loss of Friends or Family or Job – If you’ve lost your spouse, friendships, relationship with children over gambling, or your job – you very likely have a serious gambling problem and are in need of help.

5. Financial Help – If you’re borrowing money from friends, have committed a crime, or had to come up with wild investment schemes to finance your habit or make up for gambling losses, this is sure sign you need to stop gambling for good.


As conclusion from Powerwala, we remind you that:

"Gaming can be fun, especially when includes real wagering, but NEVER when what we bet is our welfare and the welfare of the ones that surround us"


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