Survival Instinct


Poker tournaments are genuine No Limit Texas Holdem endurance races in which the key to catch the lead until the end is to find the proper balance between accumulation of chips and survival. Therefore, the main objective is not to get the most chips, but how to achieve maximum profit with minimum risk.


Do not play in situations where you have no advantage (regardless of the cards), avoid mistakes, make the right decisions and only take the necessary risks in order to survive in a tournament.

This does not mean, however, that you have to play in an ultra-conservative way. In contrast, the accumulation of chips is also necessary for survival and if you don’t do it, you will not last long in a tournament and end up eliminated from the event, eventually you get blinded out and without resources to continue. In competitions, the number of chips needed to ensure a peaceful tournament is growing your stack as the blind levels (and antes) increase, so that the accumulation of chips have a minimum rate of growth.

Moreover, the survival instinct must allow at all times for you to be prepared to bear the consequences of each and every one of your actions, both offensive and defensive. You must be ruthless in taking advantage of any possibility to eliminate an opponent. Have to make your opponent decisions as hard as possible. You must confront the danger with the best beliefs of victory. And you have to be constantly ready to respond to attacks from your opponents.

Good players should avoid recklessness, cowardice, precipitation, honesty and conservatism. This way, their survival instincts will lead them to success in No Limit tournaments.



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