10 Virtudes of a Poker Player

Besides form his playing style, especially with his personality, good Texas Holdem poker player needs to gather a number of strengths and find their balance. We present what we consider key in the below decalogue.


1. Aggressiveness.

To be a winning poker player is necessary to have some degree of aggressiveness on the table. Bet or raise a previous bet without the best hand is the only way to male your opponent throw his cards away, if you only call or check, you can only win by having the best hand.

2. Courage.

Bet your entire stack without the nuts or you call a bet when the odds are not in favor requires great courage. Decision making is often pure value.

3. Instinct.

Instinct is a particular quality of the players. There are situations where either experience nor theory books can avoid elimination in a tournament or the loss of many chips in one hand. At such times, the instinct is what helps the big players.

4. Wits.

Poker is a game in which the lamp has a major role. The cunning allows good players win pots without the nuts.

5. Patience.

Patience allows you to play the right cards only in favorable situations, therefore, is a very important virtue in a great poker player.

6. Concentration.

To be a winning player is crucial to always take the right decisions. For this is essential to stay focused.

7. Experience.

The hours of play allow players to poker a practical basis to let them know what decisions to make or how to proceed in situations similar to those already played

8. Stability.

Stability is another factor that has great impact on poker. Control of emotions such as anxiety, boredom, frustration or joy, is essential for the level of play not to fall.

9. Discipline.

The control of one's actions and decisions will allow you to find advantageous situations to increase your profits, but above all, you will lose less money in downturns.

10. Learning ability.

Finally, learning ability enables you to improve your game to unexpected proportions.


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