The October Nine - Jake Balsinger

04 August 2012

Jake Balsiger was born in Portland (Oregon) 21 years ago. He currently lives in Temple (Arizona). He’s about to get a degree in Political Science at Arizona State University. In fact, while waiting for the final table of the WSOP Main Event ® 2012, he is trying to finish the degree.

This year, Balsiger played his first WSOP ®, just after he turned 21. Broke the ice by cashing in $ 3,531 in Event 3, a No-Limit Hold'em tournament, $1,500 buy-in. And after this "little" success, achieved another much larger, has entered the history books of the Series as the youngest player who has reached the final table of the Main Event. And if he wins, the impact will be even greater, since he will become the youngest champion of the tournament, taking the record to Joe Cada, who won in 2009 after his 22nd birthday.

The American player stated that during the past year has devoted much time to play poker at the University and reflect on the game. He also said that is taking poker seriously and that it’s still very profitable. On his participation in the tournament, said: "When i started the main event, i thought of enjoying my game until i get eliminated. However, I was getting chips and had a great time seeing how I eliminated my rivals. "

Balsiger reach the final table with the penultimate stack of participants, which doesn’t mean that he’s short stacked, as he still has 44bb that will give him room to make some moves.

Jake Balsinger:

Country - USA
Age -21
Stack - 13.115.000 (44bb)
Seat - 2

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