Why Play Texas Holdem


No other form of poker so exciting and at the same time so easy to learn as Texas Holdem. Without a doubt the game of today and tomorrow. With the internet boom and the proliferation of live local and international tournaments, popularity has skyrocketed.

Some of the reasons why Texas Holdem poker is more profitable for good players are ...

The money won at poker come from the combination of your opponents good decisions and mistakes. In Texas Holdem, the errors of your opponents are more frequent than in other forms of poker. An example, one mistake many players make is to do a poor selection of starting hands. This is caused by one of the characteristics of Texas Holdem, "any two cards can win." This is totally true, you can win any opening hand, although not all are profitable. When a novice player, succeeds with a negative expectation starting hand, he will play it again, repeating the same mistake in the future, looking for another stroke of luck. The times you win will not compensate the losses. Good players only play hands that are proven to have a positive expected value.

Another reason why Texas Holdem is more profitable than other forms of poker is because it offers numerous opportunities during the 4 rounds of betting, for experienced players it’s a way to maximize the errors of their opponents.

It's a faster game, so you play more hands per hour.

It does not require much mental effort as other forms of poker, so you can play longer.


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