Turning a winning hand into a Vegas trip, courtesy adda52.com

28 Jannuary 2015

Having a seat at the world’s largest poker tournament in Las Vegas is definitely a dream for any poker player. Thence, when a chance was provided by adda52.com to turn that dream into reality, the Indian poker community went abuzz with it. It was a limited chance for only 25 players to fight it out for a $10,000 Main Event Ticket plus an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. In the end, Sumit Sehgal proved his mettle after a long battle of 6 hours to win this once in a lifetime opportunity by defeating Ishwar Sundaram.


Adda52.com had announced its ‘FLY TO VEGAS’ tournament sometime back, with a winning prize of $10,000 Main event ticket of the world’s largest poker tournament, with all-inclusive of travel and accommodation, which if we convert in Indian currency would amount to more than Rs. 8 lacs.


Sumit started the heads up duel with 167,438 chips in comparison to Ishwar’s 72,562. The battle had all the makings of any Bollywood movie with drama coming in when Ishwar got disconnected for some time. Sumit managed to chip up during this duration cashing in on the blinds. But Ishwar bounced back and kept chipping up to deplete Sumit to 40,000 chips. The turning point for him came when his sA d10 defeated Ishwar’s Pocket 8’s when the board paired up hK d5 dK dQ sQ. After this breather, Sumit didn't look back and also managed another double up when his sK cK stood ground against Ishwar’s cA d9 when the community ran d5 c9 s3 s4 d3.


The final hand saw Ishwar going all-in with his small stack of 20,572 chips with dA h9 where Sumit’s c5 h5 flopped a set s5 d7 s4. The turn s7 and river h4 were a brick for Ishwar thus sealing the fate for the Fly to Vegas Champion Sumit Sehgal.


There is no doubt that this initiative by adda52.com would help in promoting poker in India in an incomparable manner, and Indian poker players will get a chance to play against poker pros from around the world. Also, while there is still time in deciding other member’s of the poker team India, Sumit is already making sure that he keeps on improving his poker skills so that he can definitely make a name for himself at the world’s largest poker tournament.


For those who are interested in understanding what special Sumit did, well, we had a word with him as well, where he told us that “I had never even dreamt that I would get a chance to play in Las Vegas. Even after winning this tournament, I am still finding it unbelievable that soon I will be playing poker with the best players of the world. And I am not going to take it sitting down. I am already preparing for it and watching poker videos to prepare myself properly for this big challenge.”


If you want to accompany Sumit at the World’s largest poker tournament in Las Vegas this summers, log on to adda52.com and keep playing. You could be the next champion. 


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